Types of Best Cannabis Strains for Chilling

You would like to get a good cannabis to use so that you can feel the chilling effect. You may not have the idea on what is the best strain for you. Each strain may have different impacts depending on the usage or personal preference. The following are the best strains of cannabis for chilling. 

There are thousands of cannabises strains that people use. In this case, not all of them are good. However, there are some of the better strains compared to others that can meet your preference. There are three major classifications of cannabis strains which are; the hybrid cannabis, sativa cannabis and Indica cannabis. Each type has some of the best strains in them. In this case, you have a chance to choose which type of cannabis and the strains in it that you prefer. The following are the classifications of cannabis with their best strains: 

Indica cannabis  

Indica cannabis has its own strains. However, the following are the best strains of chilling from this type: 9 pound hammer is the first indica sativa that is good for chilling. 9 pound hammer has a strong effect when you use it. As well, it has a long lasting effect in your body when you use it. It has buds that contain resin coat on them. When you use the 9-pound hammer, your body relaxes which is the main objective that you are making you to use bang. 

Afghani is the second best indica cannabis strain for chilling. Afghani by its name has its origin in Afghanistan. It is one of the best cannabis breeds that cannabis breeders prefer to grow. Notably, it produces large amounts of resin. As well, Afghani cannabis produces sedative chemicals that can make you feel relaxed and peaceful once you consume it. 

Sativa cannabis 

Sativa cannabis has a variety of strains. Not all of its stains are good. However, the following are the best strains of chilling under sativa classification: The first strain is Acapulco gold. It is mostly used by people of first class social status in the society. in five start hotels and restaurants, most users use it at dinner times. When you break its bud, it releases a good aroma that makes you love it even more. It has a stimulant effect to the user. 

Alaskan thunder fuck is the second best sativa cannabis strain for chilling. It has a sweet smell with outstanding heavy buzz in it. You will love this sativa cannabis due to its good look as well as its smell. 

Hybrid cannabis 

Hybrid cannabis has a variety of cannabis strains in it. People love to prefer this class of cannabis since it has one of the best strains for chilling. Therefore, the first hybrid cannabis strain is ACDC.  ACDC has a high effect of relaxation since once you consume it, it does not have any psychoactive effects thus making you to be dormant and chill out. 

AK-47 is the second best hybrid strain for you to use. It has a sour scent . Despite it has a high sedation effect that can make you feel relaxed and mellow. AK-47 is one of the famous cannabis strains in the world. 

In conclusion, cannabis strains are classified basing on their origin and their mode of production. In each classification, you can get hundreds of cannabis strain. Keep in mind that not all strains are good for chilling; the best strains for chilling are few.

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