A Conclusive Report on How THC use affects driving!

THC is the active ingredient in the psychoactive drug marijuana. It acts upon the neural cells in the brain and Central Nervous System (CNS). It enacts a significant, negative effect upon them. Using THC can negatively affect your ability to drive. That’s because it reduces your judgment, capability to concentrate, motor coordination and reaction time. Altogether, it negatively affects your driving skills. This increases your chances of getting involved in a car crash. Read on to discover more about How THC use affects driving. 

Effects of marijuana THC on a driver 

Multiple studies conclusively show that THC reduces your ability to concentrate. A high concentration of THC in the blood reduces your capability to judge distance and time. With THC in your system, you will be unable to control the speed of your car properly. Also, you are likely to get distracted and misread road signs. THC can make you drowsy. This can be dangerous if you are driving. In fact, the risk of getting involved in a car crash with serious injury normally doubles after using marijuana. 


Reports by the highway authorities reveal that one in four drivers involved in accidents had THC in their system. Some of these drivers indicated that marijuana increases their concentration and driving skill. They were wrong. While THC may boost cognitive capability, this effect is short lived. The psychoactive chemical soon causes weariness, distraction and drifting attention. 

Effects of THC on the parts of your body 

Upon consumption, THC changes the way that you process your information. As such, your judgment becomes compromised. This psychoactive chemical also affects a section of your brain known as the hippocampus. Here, it changes the information processing procedure. As such, you find it difficult to make new memories.  

THC can also increase your levels of anxiety. This can result in a racing heartbeat and culminate in a complete panic. If you should suffer a panic attack while driving, it can result in an accident. THC also negatively affects the motor receptors in your brain and muscles. This causes you to react slower. Seeing as road conditions are always changing, this effect can prove disastrous. When consumed over a long period, THC can cause you to develop a phlegmy cough. This further reduces your ability to concentrate while driving.  


In many countries around the world, it is illegal to drive while under the influence of drugs such as marijuana. That is because the THC can impair your capability as a driver and result in accidents. Thus, there are severe legal ramifications if you are caught driving under the influence of marijuana. The guideline above explains How THC use affects driving. 

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