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Cannabis sativa also known as marijuana is an herbaceous plant mostly indigenous to Eastern Asia but now cultivated in most parts of the continent. The product of this plant has many uses. It is used as the source of industrial fiber, medicine, food, and some people also use it for religious and spiritual moods. Nowadays, cannabis strains […]

How to market a online cannabis dispensary

Cannabis and its related products have been for a long time considered illegal by many countries and thus its use has been minimal. However, recent discoveries on its medicinal value and ‘unlawful’ huge revenues have made governments to lift the ban albeit with some restrictions. To curb abuse of cannabis, governments have allowed creations of cannabis dispensaries to allow people to acquire the products for […]

Names and slangs use in the Cannabis Products

The study of an item or a “thing” is incomplete without a close look at the etymology and onomastics associated with the item, its uses, and origin across different languages and cultures over time and by different people. The article seeks to take a close look at different formal and slang terms or words used […]

Types of Best Cannabis Strains for Chilling

You would like to get a good cannabis to use so that you can feel the chilling effect. You may not have the idea on what is the best strain for you. Each strain may have different impacts depending on the usage or personal preference. The following are the best strains of cannabis for chilling.  There are thousands […]

Disadvantages of Using Cannabis for Anxiety

According to World Health Organization (WHO), cannabis is described as a psychoactive drug used for both medical and recreational purposes. One of the medical purposes can be the treatment of anxiety. Even though the prime use of cannabis is to treat anxiety, there can be some disadvantages. In this article, we will look at some of the […]

Top Strains of Sativa

Sativa is a subspecies of Cannabis that has thin and pointed leaves. Sativa plants also tend to be tall. Indica and Ruderalis are the other subspecies of the Cannabis plant. Ruderalis is not common while Indica and Sativa are the most popular in the Cannabis family purchase cannabis online . Indica and Sativa are complete opposites in […]

A Conclusive Report on How THC use affects driving!

THC is the active ingredient in the psychoactive drug marijuana. It acts upon the neural cells in the brain and Central Nervous System (CNS). It enacts a significant, negative effect upon them. Using THC can negatively affect your ability to drive. That’s because it reduces your judgment, capability to concentrate, motor coordination and reaction time. Altogether, it […]