The Pilates exercises were invented by Joseph Pilates and had the objective of improving balanced body growth with specific stress on core strength, flexibility and awareness to support the efficient and excellent movement. The Pilates exercises benefit various groups of people including the seniors, the sick, and mothers who have given birth recently. There are various perks of using these forms of exercises.

These include body strengthening, weight loss and becoming flexible. In case you want to be a Pilates instructor, you must enrol with relevant training colleges which offer these courses. When you successfully undertake the training, you are issued with certification that allows you to lead learners in a Pilate class. The Pilates training is inclusive of various aspects like positioning, Machinery, and physical exercises on the mats. The aim of this article is to explore the key aspects of Pilates certification course.

The first training that you get is the physical exercises that are done on mats. This course normally targets the beginners and those at the intermediary level. Upon undertaking the mat training exercises successfully, one is issued with a certificate that permits them to teach these mat exercises. At this stage, there is no machinery needed as most of the learners want only training that will earn them a basic living.

After qualifying for the mat course, a learner can enrol for a standing Pilates course. This training requires no machines but is a bit complex compared to the mat course. The course demands that a student should be standing most of the time. The pre-requisite for this course is that a learner must have a mat certification training before enrolling for it.

A learner who has successfully undertaken a standing course can proceed to an advanced mat work Pilates. This course is complicated and has a lot of difficult moves. An instructor wanting to undertake this course must be well trained in the foundation course.

Having successfully undertaken these courses without the use of any machines comes the course that requires apparatuses usage. At first, you will be trained to use certain specific machines. This equipment includes reformers, Cadillac, circles and barrels. Due to the complexity of the course, you need a good instructor.  For more info check out:

The last course in Pilates training entails learning how to teach people with special needs. These people have problems with their shoulders, neck, back and joints. These are delicate conditions that demand a lot of focus. You need a very good trainer to come up successfully. You need to have certifications in all the other Pilates courses before you undertake the rehabilitation training. You also need to be sensitive to the kind of people you handle at this level because they are weak.